Fantasia Formula Series: F5


Hello everyone. Today I will be reviewing the newly released Fantasia Formula Series: F5 flavor. I’ll also be touching a bit on the series in general. That said, Let’s go ahead and get into it.

To start things off, most of us are familiar with Fantasia of old. In this case, with the Formula Series, take all that knowledge and throw it out the window. This new line is a step in a completely opposite direction, and in my opinion, a good step. I’ll explain some of the aspects that separate this line during the course of this review, but before we get ahead of ourselves let’s discuss the packaging.

Keep in mind that in this line there are eight(8) flavors. None of which have a specific flavor name, so to speak. They are labeled F1 thru F8. So how do you know what you are buying, you may ask? Well to answer that, especially when ordering online, you really have to go by any reviews you can come across or word of mouth or simply take a shot in the dark. However, if purchasing from your local smoke shop they will most likely have what is called a Fantasia Formula Series “Scent Station”. As you can see by the picture below this includes gel samples of each flavor so you can smell what each one will taste like while smoking. One thing I have noticed is that each flavor reminds me of other popular flavors on the market. It has been confirmed that this was the intention but I’ll only be discussing F5 in this review.


Ok, now that you’ve smelled the samples and chosen your flavor(s) let’s move on to the packaging and what’s inside. In the headline picture of this review you’ll see that it comes in a durable cardboard box. But wait, there’s more…



Inside the box, you’ll find the tobacco canister itself. The canister is durable as well, seeing as it is made of carbon fiber. Inside the canister you will find the tobacco inside of a foil ZipLock bag assuring freshness. But in addition to the tobacco you will also get a pamphlet with some basic information, such as the Fantasia Guarantee and introduction to the barrel-aged golden leaf Formula Line. You will also receive four(4) mouth tips and a package of nine(9) natural coconut Fantasia Air-Flow coals. All-in-all, I think this is a very good package deal for the competitive price point.

Now onto the cut…


Yep… That’s Fantasia. No red dye. Not soupy. You can easily see that this line is reminiscent of your favorite modern moassels. It has a fine to medium cut and not many stems. Today I have it semi-dense packed it an Alpaca Apache and I am using a Lotus with three(3) flat Titanium coals. My setup is a Zahrah Spade hookah, water in the vase, and an aluminum D-Hose.

Moving along to the flavor review…

The smell to me is a sweet candied Pineapple. The smell translates well to the actual smoke. While it is more of a candy Pineapple rather than a natural Pineapple it is rather tasty, nonetheless. It reminds me of a Pineapple Life Saver. I typically go two(2) rounds of coals for any flavor, and regarding flavor longevity, I can say that this goes that entire length with very little flavor loss. At it’s peak I will give the flavor strength around an 8/10. I’ve used multiple bowls, foil, HMD, coals, and I get the same results. No complaints on the heat management either. I have not had to mess around much in that department. Whatever I threw on it it took. Oh, and I am getting nice and thick full-bodied clouds, for those of you who care about that sorta thing.

So with all that, my final thoughts…

I think this is a very positive step forward for Fantasia in today’s consumer market. It is more along the lines of competing modern brands and holds it’s own. It is much different than original Fantasia, which has kind of gained a negative reputation with more seasoned smokers. This new line proves that Fantasia listens to the consumer market and plans to remain a competitor. That being said, I encourage everyone to have an open mind and give it a shot. As for the F5 flavor itself, it is probably my favorite of the line but everyone has different tastes so go to your local shop and smell the samples and pick up whichever ones appeal to you. I think you’ll be happy with the results.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best as I can.

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