First Impression: Ugly Hookah Tobacco – Grapefruit Mint


Ugly Hookah Tobacco comes in a nice durable outer plastic container. The inner bag, on the other hand, is not so durable. The tobacco is stored in a very thin cellophane-like material. The bag could stand to be a little more durable but considering the quality of the outer container this can be somewhat overlooked.


Upon opening the container you are immediately hit with a wonderful and natural unsweetened Grapefruit. It is a very bitter and citrus aroma. There is no question the Grapefruit is there. The Mint aspect is there but very mild. I’d say it is a natural straight Mint. If the word “Mint” was not in the flavor name I feel it might be overlooked.


The cut of this tobacco is pretty standard to most modern tobaccos you see on the market. Maybe a tad more choppy but very comparable. The same can be said about the amount of moisture and stems. It does have an undyed natural brownish color to it. I like to use semi-dense pack with Ugly Hookah Tobacco.



For my first session with this flavor I used my Shika Zizo with Jumbo Base, tap water, Shika Typhoon Hose, Kaloud Vitria Bowl and the Kaloud Lotus with two Titanium Cube Coals.



In regards to the flavor, the flavor strength is rather bold. I’ll give this about an 8 out of 10 in terms of strength. The flavor itself is a great natural Grapefruit both on the inhale and exhale. It really pops on the exhale and I am left with no soapy aftertaste like I find with other Grapefruit flavors on the market. The bitter and citrus taste cannot be mistaken for anything other than Grapefruit. The Mint does come out a little more during smoking than what I found in the smell but still very light. It’s more of a refreshing note on the tail end.


Ugly has always produced thick full-bodied clouds for me and Grapefruit Mint is no exception.


While most nicotine levels you see printed on labels are rarely accurate, Ugly’s nicotine level is labeled at 0.79%. This is higher than many other brands I’ve seen. Most are labeled 0.05% or 0.5%. That said, if your nicotine tolerance is not that high I’d suggest taking it slow with Ugly Hookah Tobacco and keep yourself hydrated.


Using my setup I was able to go two full rounds of coals with very little flavor loss. I could have went into a third round but I generally stop a flavor after two. Had I went another round I don’t think it would have lasted the entire round considering the size of the bowl.

Heat Management:

With this setup I had no issues with heat management and in my experience with Ugly I’ve found it to take heat very well without getting harsh.


I purchased this from 5starhookah.com. Currently, 100g containers are $8.99 and 250g containers are $17.99. Use our Hookah Enthusasts discount code, “HE15”, for 15% off.

Final Thoughts:

After my first session with this flavor I must say it is very enjoyable. The Grapefruit aspect is one of the best I have found and for that alone I enjoy it. Considering the flavor name tho, I feel the Mint aspect could stand to be a little more bold. I personally favor Mint as a mixer and a backnote to a flavor but I still could use a little more with this particular flavor. That said, I would still by this again simply for the Grapefruit and would recommend it to any Grapefruit fan. You can always add more Mint if needed. With that in mind, this flavor would make a great mixer in it’s own right. Grapefruit or citrus flavors work well with many others. So overall, I enjoyed it during my first session. I plan on a doing a video review after a few more bowls and will note any changes I find.

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