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Hello world, my name is Mike. Please allow me to properly introduce myself.

It was back in 2010 when I became active in the online hookah community scene. Back then, forums were a popular place for hookah smokers to gather and share information, or just simply hang out with other smokers and shoot the breeze. Coincidentally enough, at the same time,  the now widely popular social media site Facebook was starting to expand from a college or university based platform to a worldwide phenomenon. Groups started to be formed for people who shared the same interests, so I thought to myself that since I was making many friends on the forums and we were all on Facebook, then why not make a hookah group? So I did and I called it Hookah Enthusiasts

Fast forward a few years and the Facebook group has grown into what you see today. I’d like to believe the group has its own meaning and value for each member, but for me personally it has claimed a good sized portion of my heart. Over the last few years I am extremely happy to have been able to form countless of friendships within the industry including various vendors, manufacturers, and the everyday Hookah Enthusiasts. I enjoy watching others join the lifestyle and culture of hookah and forming friendships. I love the fact that the culture is so inviting and that people share their knowledge of it.¬†Simply put, that Facebook group has become a part of me.

It is with that in mind that I am pleased to welcome you to the all new! As you can most certainly tell at first glance the site is brand new and content will be added as we grow. The possibilities are endless. We will have a “Member Blog” area in which you will be able to submit your own entries. Over time, the collection of these submissions will form an extremely useful guide for everyone. You name it, it can go here. Product reviews, hookah news, general conversation, it’s all right here at your fingertips! Along with a Blog I will also be working on making products available to you. Bear with me on that but currently you can claim your official Hookah Enthusiasts T-Shirt by visiting our “Shop”. More and more products and features are on the way so sit back, relax, and smoke on!

Mike -Jan. 2016